When the Ashes Fall by Jayna

Photo Credit: Brett Holt via Compfight cc When the Ashes Fall by Jayna sizzle there are few fires left crackle the fires dim pop the fires dies sshh the ashes […]

So this is the second part of the challenge this week, and so I am having my brother, Luke, who is 8 years old, read/look at my blog, because he […]

Dear World...

Photo Credit: Hafizullah2012 via Compfight cc Dear World, We may be unkind to you, with littering and our gas-powered cars, and our oil spills, but you are our home. People […]

This is the final post for the challenge, but not for my class. I will continue posting, such as nerdy stuff, and poems, (As required by my teacher). So for […]

For the Animals in Need....

All over the world, there are animals in need. They are starving, living on their own. I know that there are animals out there that are being beaten, or thrown […]

Let's Play a Game....

Photo Credit: radargeek via Compfight cc So first, I went to Braeden’s blog, and I really enjoyed reading his post on what he would need to pack in order to […]

Friendship - By Jayna, Gwen, Jazzy, and Erica

This is a multiple voice poem about friendship, created by me and a group of friends. Enjoy!! Key: Purple=Gwen, This Color=Erica, Blue=Jazzy, Green=Me (Jayna), Red=All Photo Credit: .sarahwynne. via Compfight cc Friendship Friendship is a […]

Oh The Places I Would Go...

     Hey guys, thanks for looking at this. So I would want to visit all these places because I have never been to any of these places. There are […]

Who Turned Out the Lights?!?

This weeks post is about entertaining yourself, and so I am going to pretend the power has gone out in my country, and try to think of what I would […]

International Hope Day

Photo Credit: Rckr88 via Compfight cc If I were to create a international holiday, it would be Hope Day. A day where everyone gives hope. You could give out food, […]